An unusual comet has crossed the Earth. She is full of … alcohol

An unusual comet has crossed the Earth.  She is full of ... alcohol

That’s why the universe is so fascinating, and we’re learning new things about it now. This We have discovered the smallest dead star in historyWe are likely to notice this Comet with many unique properties. Neil Dello Russo, the leader of the team that observed the historic pass of comet 46b / Virton near Earth, says:

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A compound of this substance was found, among other things, acetylene, ethane, methanol or formaldehyde, 46b / Virtanen has other unusual properties. Scientists have observed that comets are warming not only by solar radiation. Forming its coma, i.e. the comet’s glowing, dust-gas “atmosphere”, such an object can be seen in the sky, and it is formed as a result of the sublimation of ice particles. The core of a comet, that is, when they transform their physical state from liquid to solid without gas.

Photo: NASA

In December 2018, the comet 46b / Virtanen passed just 12.8 million km (30 times more than the Moon) by Earth. This is the pass of the nearest comet to Earth in several hundred years

What is behind the coma warming up? Astronomers are not yet sure and have put forward two possible theories. According to one of them, a chemical reaction involving the sun’s rays takes place there, resulting in the formation of fast – moving electrons, which transfer some of their energy to other molecules in the coma, thus heating the gases there. According to the second theory, large icebergs from the comet break up and process and release the energy that heats the gases from the comet’s nucleus.

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