“We’re getting tired!” Luna Đogani and Marko Miljkovi in ​​front of the camera for the first time after childbirth …

"We're getting tired!"  Luna Đogani and Marko Miljkovi in ​​front of the camera for the first time after childbirth ...

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Luna Shokani and Marco Milzkovic appeared on a TV show for the first time since giving birth to a reality star two weeks ago.

Marco Milzkovic and Luna Johanni • TV Pink / Screen Shot

– I have no weight, I did not gain weight during pregnancy. I enjoyed it to the fullest. I think every pregnant woman should enjoy it. I mostly ate pizzas, pies and desserts. Well, I ate everything – Luna said with a smile on the “Amiji show”.

– When I last weighed myself, I weighed 88 kilograms, but that’s why our baby is so strong. He is already raising his head, he has only two weeks. Ma, I took a break from everything.

Luna Johanni
Luna Johanni

– To be honest, we’m not ready to appear on the show. We have not slept well since the baby was born. That’s normal. Mia is not annoyed yet, but we are tired of not being able to sleep – Marco agreed.

– Thank God I experienced something like this. Now I understand my mom more, but everything other mothers have told me – Johanni pointed out.

Marco Milzkovic
Marco Milzkovic

– I was in shock for a day or two regarding everything, people and duties. The feeling is indescribable. It took me five days to get back to normal. I relax with her. I’m not afraid of anything – Milzkovic added.

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