Two transgender people enter the Mexican parliament for the first time

Two transgender people enter the Mexican parliament for the first time
Salma Luano and Maria Clemente Garcia, who have been in the Chamber of Deputies since September 1, hope to protect this particularly persecuted community.

In Mexico, the life expectancy of trans people is 35 years, compared to 77 years in other populations. Salma Luano, a 52-year-old trans woman, wants to remind Mexican delegates of the threats hanging over her community. Maria Clemente, 36, along with Garcia, were the first two trans women to be selected for the Chamber of Deputies. They will sit from September 1st.

At the age of 17, Salma Luano was arbitrarily detained by police in the conservative city of Aguascalientes in the center of the country. “Persecution”. She was wrong: she wore it “Women’s clothing”. At the Mexican Congress, he hopes his experience, including the 36 hours he spent in police custody following this arrest, will improve the situation of the LGBT community in his country. For the past three decades, he has fought for diversity, forcing parties to add members of the LGBT community to the candidate list in the June 6 election.

“This is great news for our people who have been discriminated against for decades.”, Connects Salma Luano with AFP. It refers to “The Dignity We Have Historically Made”, Adds this lawyer to the training. Until he was selected, he worked as a hairdresser.

Discrimination at work

For her part, Maria Clemente Garcia, a graduate in business administration and a literature student, explains that she could not find an employer because of the discrimination she experienced. So he decided to become a taxi driver in Mexico City. As a Member of Parliament, Maria Clemente Garcia proposes to amend the first article of the Constitution, which basically prohibits discrimination “Sexual preference” – Because it’s one “Wrong idea” – Change it “Gender Orientation, Identity and Expression”.

The elect also says: “It’s appropriate that trans women be part of the decision – making process in the country.” In Mexico, the situation of trans people is very important. NGOs Letra S and Transgender Europe say it is the second most dangerous country after Brazil in terms of number of victims. In 2020, 43 transfeminisides were recorded in Mexico, out of 79 murders of LGBT people, against 117 in 2019, a drop that led to restrictions caused by the Covid 19 epidemic.

“Go beyond the status quo of the two delegates”

Maria Clemente will push for the creation of the first comprehensive clinic for transgender people in the Garcia capital. “We are not homosexuals or lesbians, we do not live the same way, sometimes we are even behind the demands.”, She says. In turn, Salma Luano wants to reduce the right to gender self-determination“Extreme Poverty” It affects transgender people and deprives them of professional opportunities. This guarantee, which allows change of name and gender in official documents, is recognized in 13 of Mexico’s 32 states.

On June 6, transgender candidate Fernando Felix was elected vice president of Movimianto Ciudadano (Social Democrat). So far, a transgender woman, Rupee Arazo, has won a position in 2016 as city councilor in Guanajuato, Mexico. More than 100 candidates from the LGBT community have participated in the last few legislative and local elections, including about 40 transgender candidates. Elections.

“First homosexuals, then lesbian women had seats of representation Trance high visibility. That fact must be taken into account. “, Alejandro Brito, director of Letra S, explains, but Maria Clemente Garcia says the fight is not over: “We must make efforts to go beyond the previous stage of two transgender MPs in Parliament.”

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