Timothy Salamet on Crochet for “The French Dispatch”

Timothy Salamet on Crochet for "The French Dispatch"

The young star of “Call Me By Your Name” will be in Cannes with the entire cast of “The French Dispatch” written by French-American actor Timothy Solomot and Wes Anderson.

Phil Murray, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, Leah Cedoux, Adrian Brady, Benicio del Toro, Timothy Solomon, Lina Coud Tree but Jeffrey Wright, Steve Park, Matthew Almaric and Ceside de France … the most glamorous of the year. For his tenth film, the brilliant American director Wes Anderson (“La y Aquatic”, “L’Oreal Aux Sien”) brought all his actor-friends together for a playful film, which he shot in France, somewhat for comic book fans (and film lovers). ) In the well-known Angolam city. Let’s follow an American journalist from a fictional New York newspaper depicting the typical French people he meets (but if you believe the poster, he looks like a “New Yorker”). At the 74th Cannes Film Festival, Wes Anderson’s “French Delivery” is expected in 2020 on Crochet But the Covid-19 epidemic has passed, and the film is a year late – it will finally be released on October 27, 2021 in French theaters.

Trailer for “The French Dispatch”

Young festival goers will no doubt have Simon’s eyes on Timothy Salamet. The young actor who appeared in “Call Me By Your Name” is a rising star in Hollywood. Before and after Covid, he multiplied his projects, and we see him in some of the most anticipated films of the year: “The French Sent.” Directed by Wes Anderson, he plays the Franco-American Jeffrey, whose girlfriend is the beautiful Lina Coudry.

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