Scientists have discovered the largest comet in the history of observation, which is the size of Hawaii

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Over the next two decades, researchers will be able to observe this celestial body.

Astronomers have discovered a comet whose nucleus will reach 200 kilometers. It is five times larger than Manhattan and longer than the island of Hawaii. The space body is called C / 2014 UN 271.

How Reports The New York Times, the largest ever seen by comet scientists.

C / 2014 UN 271 was first discovered when astronomers mapped distant galaxies and exploding stars while studying the dynamics of the expansion of the universe. Researchers have observed more than 800 celestial bodies that contained ice and whose orbits are larger than Neptune. Of all the discoveries, the most interesting is that of UN271 2014.

The comet is currently in Neptune orbit. Over the next decade, the celestial system will move toward the interior of the solar system. Under the action of sunlight, most of the ice in this celestial body evaporates, giving the comet a glow. By 2031, C / 2014 UN 271 will fly 1.6 billion kilometers from the Sun and reach Saturn’s orbit.. After that, the comet will travel to the cold suburbs of our galaxy.

C / 2014 UN 271, the researchers said Creating a complete revolution around the sun in about three million years. For the next two decades, researchers will be able to observe this celestial body – visible in all its details through the comet telescope. Scientists completely rule out the possibility of meeting C / 2014 UN 271 with any spacecraft.

Let us recall what scientists have discovered, When global disasters strike the earth. There is a steady increase in geological activity on this planet every 27.5 million years.

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