It never rains in this beautiful village

Rain is refreshing. When we see raindrops on a land heated by the sun, we feel as if the earth is being revived. Low rainfall in the desert region. But it is raining almost all over the world. Machinram village in the Indian state of Meghalaya receives the highest rainfall in the world. Light rain in the desert. But you can not imagine a happy village without rain. But even such a village exists in Yemen. This beautiful village attracts a large number of tourists.

The name of this village is Al Hubait. It is a mountain village west of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. The village is located at an altitude of 3200 meters above the ground. Interestingly, the village has a different connection with Mumbai, the financial capital of India. There are many beautiful houses built in the hills in this village which are hard to take your eyes off. Seen from any area, there is a view of beautiful nature.

The special Ugada of this village. The atmosphere is hot. It is very cold in the morning, but when the sun rises, it starts to get hot again. It is a fusion of ancient and modern architecture with rural and urban style. In this village rain clouds form at the lower level of the village, so it is said that it does not rain here. In a way, this is a village located in the clouds.

The village is inhabited by members of the Yemeni community. This community is also known as Al Bohra Al Mukarrama. These individuals were led by Mohammad Burhanuddin. It was an Ismaili sect among Muslims and Burhanuddin lived in Mumbai. He passed away in 2014. But until the end, he would come to this village every three years.

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