How is the Latin American Disney horror series Deora Incognito

How is the Latin American Disney horror series Deora Incognito

Disney + Landed Latin America By the end of last year, it had already become a real hit among the company’s fans. Whether there is content from the platform Surprise, Of the universe Star Wars, From NatGeo And, in addition, of course, from the classics Picture And the study itself. The truth is, it started to fully compete with Netflix and works much better. Now its next goal is to expand its production to various countries around the world. In fact, he was already starting to do it.

The company has announced that it has begun shooting for a truly promising horror series. This Unknown land Also, here, we tell you all the details about its plot and when it will be available on the platform list.

Unknown Land: Disney’s new horror series

The series follows the life of a young man .Ric, Who discovered a terrifying world while searching for the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of his parents eight years ago. One day, Eric escapes from his home and returns to his hometown of Cape Quart to find answers in a horror theme park. Unknown land, His parents were last seen.

With his friends, his sister and his aunt, Eric must overcome his fear to solve the mystery and be unanswerable in a universe that is too dark. Unknown land He has already started filming at the incredible amusement park in Argentina and is in charge Sebastian Pivoto.

It will hit the stage in 2022 (Photo: Disney)

In addition, he will have actors with new faces. It is featured Thomas Kirsner, Carla Pondolpi, Veronica Intile, Esuel Rodriguez, Osmer Nice, Sylvia Guttica, Thomas Lebra, Asusena Joo and La Toro Delcado Timrook, Valentina Gonzalez, Fernando Malfidano,

The interesting thing about this series is that it makes a great visual impact. The first season has eight episodes 30 minutes duration And it will not be on the Disney platform until 2022.

If you have not already, you still have time to subscribe to Disney + to enjoy exclusive content launched, and it will continue to be released on the platform only. You can do this by logging in here. What are you waiting for?

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