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2008 Honda Accord Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

Is it time to replace your 2008 Honda Accord battery? Find answers to your questions about pricing and battery maintenance today. Whether you’re installing your own or taking your Accord to a nearby auto parts store for installation services, routine maintenance and replacement is an essential part of caring for your Accord.

How To Properly Size Your Honda Accord Battery

All automotive batteries have specific dimensions, group sizes, cold cranking amps and terminal positions. If you purchase an incorrect battery type, it may not fit in your car or effectively power the starter.

The easiest way to properly size your Honda Accord battery is to stop by an auto parts store or shop at an online store. Enter the year of your Accord to find only batteries that fit your vehicle for safe and simple shopping.

How To Care For Your Car Battery

Most Honda Accord battery models are sealed, so you don’t have to worry about inspecting levels of filling up your battery. Instead, the best ways you can care for your battery are routine inspections, prompt replacements and corrosion monitoring.

Inspect your battery for signs of swelling, cracking or leaking. Any of these issues means it’s time to replace your battery. You should also consider replacing any battery that’s over three years old or causes your starter to have difficulties.

Excessive corrosion around the battery terminals can prevent the alternator from recharging your battery as you drive. Clean the terminals periodically with a terminal cleaning kit. Carefully follow the included directions to avoid electrocution or damage to your car.

How To Replace a Honda Accord Battery

When it’s time for a car battery replacement, you can choose a professional or DIY solution. Your trusted auto parts store typically offers free testing, recycling and replacement services for an easy swap. If you can’t make it to a nearby store, or you wish to shop online, then follow these steps to conveniently replace your battery:

  1. Remove the negative battery cable
  2. Remove the positive battery cable
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Install a new battery and apply dielectric grease to the terminals
  5. Connect the positive cable
  6. Connect the negative cable

These are just the basic steps. Review the entire car battery replacement steps in more detail to ensure you’re performing the task safely and efficiently. Attempting to remove or install the incorrect cable first can damage your vehicle and cause an electric shock.

Don’t just throw away your old battery or let it sit in your garage. An automotive battery has acid and lead interior components, so it needs to be safely recycled at an auto parts store or participating recycling center. Most stores won’t charge you for battery recycling, and it makes it convenient to recycle and purchase a new battery at the same location.

Where To Find Great Deals on Maintenance Parts

Your local auto parts store offers a range of batteries sizes, warranty lengths and CCAs. Navigate this extensive inventory with the help of a trusted customer service technician or a convenient online store. Prepare to handle this DIY maintenance task to stay safe on the road.

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