WhatsApp Payments ची कमान Manesh Mahatme यांच्या हाती, अमेझॉन, एअरटेल मनीसोबतचा अनुभव कामी येणार?

Manesh Mahatma, Amazon, Airtel Money Experience Will WhatsApp Payments Come In Handy? | WhatsApp appoints Manesh Mahatma as head of payments in India

WhatsApp has appointed former Amazon executive Manesh Mahatma as Director of Payments Business in India.

Manesh Mahatma, Amazon, Airtel Money Experience Will WhatsApp Payments Come In Handy?

WhatsApp Manesh Mahatma

Mumbai : ShareFormer Amazon executive Manesh Mahatma has been appointed Director of Payments Business in India. After accepting this responsibility, they will focus on improving the users’ payment experience. The report said that it will work in India to improve WhatsApp’s digital and financial vision. Manesh has 17 years of experience in digital financial services and payments such as Citibank, Airtel Money and Amazon. (Appoints Manesh Mahatma as Payment Chairman at WhatsApp India)

After Amazon, Manesh has joined WhatsApp. He has been the Director and Board Member of Amazon Bay India for 7 years. This time he headed the production, engineering and development teams. Abhijit Bose, President of WhatsApp India, said that Manesh is very excited about joining WhatsApp.

Bose said Manesh was a key innovator for the development of digital payments in India. They have done a great job in this and we will use their experience to promote money and sales on WhatsApp. He added that WhatsApp has immense potential to accelerate the Government of India’s efforts to digitally empower all components and promote economic integration through UPIs and digital payments.

It has been more than six months since WhatsApp Payments was launched. But the big answer to this feature is not yet available. So now that Manesh Mahatma, who works at companies like Citibank, Airtel Money and Amazon Bay, has joined WhatsApp, is the company’s car going down the aisle? It will get everyone’s attention.

Learn WhatsApp Payment Funding in 9 Easy Steps

Step 1 : After launching WhatsApp, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
Step 2: When you open the settings, click on the Payments option
Step 3: WhatsApp will ask you to link the bank account.
(Linked to that bank account SIM card Make sure your mobile is activated and your WhatsApp account is linked to the same number)
Step 4: When linking a bank account, WhatsApp will ask you to agree to certain terms and conditions. I can click the Agree button or go to the back menu.
Step 5: After accepting the terms and conditions, you need to verify your mobile number. From here the UPI verification will start.
Step 6: After verifying the mobile number, you will see a list of names of various banks on your mobile screen. From there you have to choose your bank.
Step 7. WhatsApp will then ask you to create a VPA, i.e. the virtual payer address, and if you click on it, the VPA will be created. (WhatsApp Payment Process Know all the necessary information on how to transfer money through WhatsApp)
Step 8. WhatsApp will ask for the last six digits of your debit card. Some more information will be requested (debit card expiration date, your date of birth, etc.)
Step 9. You can use the money transfer feature in WhatsApp.

How to transfer money from WhatsApp?

  • You can transfer or withdraw money once your bank account details are updated.
  • Open the chat of the person you want to send money to in your contact list and go to the payment option.
  • Select the bank account from which the money is to be transferred
  • Enter your UPI PIN now to complete the transaction by depositing the amount.
  • After entering the PIN, your transaction with the confirmation message will be successful.

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(Appoints Manesh Mahatma as Payment Chairman at WhatsApp India)

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