Is Omar a victim of cynicism? He explains why Hollywood often offers him the same role

Is Omar a victim of cynicism?  He explains why Hollywood often offers him the same role

While he has built a solid reputation in Hollywood in recent years, Umar Sai is happy to see that he is still a “victim” when it comes to casting for American films.

X-Men, Jurassic World, Inferno Or Transformers : Since entering Hollywood almost 8 years ago, Omar c Participated in the largest American production. A real hit for the actor who was revealed to the world through the film Untouchables Of Nacache and Tolidano, and his wife Helen and their five children who decided to immigrate to California, although he would inevitably return to film French productions. However, this remarkable career across the Atlantic does not protect him from some of the clich உள்ளார்s inherent in American cinema.

The same is true of hard life

In Interview Promotion of the series Lupine, It was a success on Netflix and further enhances its rating in the United States, with Omar Sai talking to Algerian actress Sherin Podella and sharing the bill with her in the Louvre corridors. The actor says he often plays the same role in American films: French. “I am often invited to French roles. What is most paradoxicalThere will always be a point where someone puts a label on you. There I was ‘French’. Is fun ” He says with a big smile. However, Omar Sai has done everything to remove this label, especially taking English lessons and trying to erase his accent as much as possible, thus gaining a wider range of roles. But the clichs die hard, which will not cause him many problems in the end: “Understanding the language, speaking the language, was already a chore. When I get there, clear the accent and forget it! It’s dead! (…) Being ‘French’ suits me so well, that’s me! There is no shame in that. I observeHe concludes.

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