Directors Ludovic and Soren Buckerma talk to us about their new French wolf film Teddy

Directors Ludovic and Soren Buckerma talk to us about their new French wolf film Teddy

Teddy wears the same T-shirt throughout the film. This is an element that may seem trivial, but it makes it particularly possible to stand out from the crowd. What prompted this choice?

This is almost a sub-joke. [Rires] From experience, we realize that it is easy to have only one outfit, because when editing, sometimes when you want to change things, it allows you not to end up with problems of incorrect attachments. To make this a fun one, we thought we were just going to put a shirt on him and show him that he only has one. At the same time, it goes for strong cartoon characters like this The Simpsons, With Bart Simpson in his red shirt and blue shorts.

What is your biggest challenge in this shoot?

The most difficult visual attack scene to do. Despite the very awesome wolf costume made by Christophe Calcas, we realized that it only took two and a half hours to see on screen that it was a costume. It was so hard to get past the fake for real, we naively thought we could make a big attack where the wolf could see well from all angles. During editing, we realized that in order for it to work, we had to remove a lot of shots, and we saw that there was a lot less wolf in the film than we thought. But at the same time, it allows the viewer’s imagination to work.

You will now be engaged in shooting Year of the Shark, With Marina Foys And Got Marat. And in the opening scene Teddy, We hear about a shark on TV. Is this a preference for your next film?

Yes. [Rires] To the story: We hear the voice of Carl Zero. We really like the “Easter egg” idea [des références cachées, ndlr], As Pixar does. In each of our films, so we want to announce the next film. Year of the Shark Not a remake Teeth of the sea, cContrary to what has been said. This is the original screenplay we started working on earlier Teddy Except. There will always be the same continuum with this desire to blend the statistics of American cinema with the French Southwest.

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