A wonderful fire in central London

A wonderful fire in central London

According to firefighters, a fire broke out in three campuses south of the Thames, near the Elephant and Fort Station, as well as six cars and a telephone booth. The incident has been brought under control.

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Heavy smoke billowed from a train and underground station in London (United Kingdom) on Monday 28 June. According to emergency services, it had to be evacuated, leading to the intervention of a hundred firefighters. The incident was brought under control in the afternoon. According to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a police officer and a member of the public were taken away by emergency services “புகை உள்ளிழுக்கும்”.

Firefighters said on Twitter that six cars and a telephone booth were set on fire in three shopping malls located under the railroad tracks near Elephant and Fort Station south of the Thames. In videos re-tweeted by London firefighters, it shows an interesting eruption.

“This incident is not considered terrorism in nature.”, According to London Police, had to close several streets for traffic. According to traffic police, trains will not be stopped after the station is evacuated. LCancellations and delays are to be expected by Monday evening, he said, citing the National Rail Network.

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