A historic heat wave

North America suffocation under the dome of heat



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North America: A historic heat wave
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The U.S. and Canada are affected by northwesterly heat waves. In Portland, Oregon, the temperature rose to 46 C, the worst weather record since 1940.

In the western United States and Canada, the thermometer rose to an all-time high of 47 C. On Monday, June 28, in Seattle, Washington, it was 38 ° C and 20 C higher than the average June temperature in this city in the Northeast. “Apparently, it scares me, we live on the second floor, I wanted to buy small fans, but everything is sold out, we can not even find snowe “, refers to a mother.

In Portland, and further south, in Oregon, three cooling stations were hurriedly opened in this city with generally very humid weather. At more than 46 C, the record is broken: no such temperature has been recorded here since 1940. In addition to an unusually high pressure, the region is crossed by a burning current from Mexico, which creates a dome of heat. This phenomenon is very rare, and scientists report that it occurs on average once every thousand years.

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