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মিয়ানমারে বিদ্রোহীদের সঙ্গে সংঘর্ষে ৪৪ সেনা নিহতের দাবি

At least 44 Myanmar soldiers have been killed in clashes with the country’s People’s Defense Force (PDF). The ruling party has claimed responsibility for the 72-hour conflict in the country’s Chasing region. Earlier on June 22, the BBC reported that the People’s Defense Force (PDF) was in direct conflict with the military in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city.

Prior to the incident, PDF members were active in remote and small areas. However, many think that the anti-regime movement has reached a new stage due to their activism in recent times. Citing members of the local opposition movement about the deaths of military junta forces, Myanmar Now reported that 44 military juntas were killed in three days of clashes between June 24 and June 26 in the cities of Hittite and Katha.

The Kutch Independence Army (KIA) has helped PDF militants in clashes with the Myanmar military. However, ‘Myanmar Now’ has not been able to verify this issue independently. The Hitsiang PDF branch announced last Monday that they had attacked a troop of Myanmar troops in Mao Zedong. Fourteen members of the army were killed and 6 wounded. A resident of Hitjiang said it was the first clash between PDF rebels and a military junta in the city.

Locals said there was no military base here. They came only for security reasons. The army has been coming back for two or three days. He referred to the PDF insurgents who attacked the army, thinking that the military junta had attacked the villages. A young man from Hitsiang was killed before the clashes. Then the anger and hatred against the people against the army increased.

On June 24, rebels from the PDF’s Katha branch attacked the army in the village of Xiu Qiang, 100 kilometers northeast of Hittite. More than 30 members of the ruling elite were killed.

Kutch’s rebel group aided the PDF in the conflict. Colonel ‘Naw Pu’, the information officer of the Kutch rebel group, said he had not instructed their members to help the People’s Security Forces. But their troops have aided the PPF individually. However, the Myanmar military has not commented on the matter.

Source: Myanmar now.

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