Stunning Warriors fan poll on Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers NBA superstar Ben Simmons undergoes a shock poll among Golden State Warriors fans, represented by Stephen Curry

Jesse d. Correspondent / Lachlan Cunningham

The fall points mentioned by Ben Simmons when the 76ers left were no less than those of Golden State. Fans of the California franchise recently explored a potential trade, and the results show a clear trend.

Although the dynasty was established in the second half of the 2010s, the Warriors can not really be considered a team that has built their success through transfers. Clever in draft, then persuaded with free agents, it has not registered any big and lucrative business since the arrival of Andre Eguodala in 2013.

However, in the absence of opportunities that can significantly help Step curry & Go next year’s on the list, and the biggest free agents this summer, Golden State executives can seek this out. Track Ben Simmons, Re-launched in the media a few days ago, however, did not seem to emit fans of the franchise.

Want to set up a business with Taps for Ben Simmons?

Course: 11.7%
Non: 56.1%
It depends on the package: 32.2%

In other words, Dub Nation reveals 88.3% of the reservation, or the Philadelphia leader who flatly refuses to join the Gulf. A number that can be explained by the tragic performance of the playoffs as the Australians left the NBA public. Likewise, his fit in the GS puts a lot of California fans in question.

However, all of these will have very little importance in the final selection of the front office. Information in this regard has also been sent. Recently, make it possible to imagine the outcome of this case more clearly. Beyond all that, everything is possible, the league will “happen in incredible places”.

Rather than his high-sounding name, Warriors fans hope not to see Ben Simmons join the fray. Does democracy speak?

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