Not gold for the next 30 years! I hold this being

Not gold for the next 30 years!  I hold this being

Ricardo Salinas Pliko, Mexico’s third-richest man, said he had studied bitcoin and compared it to all other available assets, including gold. Entrepreneur with assets worth over $ 13 billion, Bitcoin He believes it offers unique features that will ensure its success as a value store in the future.

The limited supply of bitcoin is an important feature

In an interview, Piliko explained that the supply of less than 21 million bitcoins is important. This means that nothing can be produced anymore and it ensures that it does not lose value. According to the millionaire BTC’yi An important feature that distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies. Beyond a limited distribution, Philico appreciates Bitcoin for having international value and trading with the largest cash flow in the world, noting that this is a sufficient reason for every investor to be in their portfolio.

Ricardo says Fiat money is a scam. He says the national currency (the Mexican peso) has depreciated against the dollar since 1981. Filico points out that the monetary system has completely collapsed after high inflation in countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina. In Zimbabwe, in particular, the country is keen to ensure the use of the currency as individuals and companies are fined for not accepting the recently re-introduced Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWL). About The country has not used its currency for 10 years since it collapsed against the dollar.

I will buy bitcoin not gold

Ricardo said cracks were already forming in the United States, with Fiat money being the product of a corrupt financial system. When the famous millionaire was asked what it would cost in the next 30 years, he certainly would not stop fiat currency. Condition He says he will not buy the bond, but Bitcoin. As we have emphasized, interest in bitcoin has increased in South America in recent months. El Salvador is preparing to fully implement Bitcoin as a legal tender in September. Paraguay also plans to pass a bitcoin law next month in line with changing trends. Since one of Mexico’s richest people is currently supporting Bitcoin, Mexico could completely pave the way for digital asset exploration.

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