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Copa America: Follow the event against Lucorn!

In the shade Brazil, Three of them to get a place in the quarterfinals. The Choice Already planned for the future and there was a lot of talk about the lawn at the pre-match press conference. The CBF would have actually asked Nilton Santos to leave the venue for its quarterfinals, considering the condition of the ground to be disgraceful. Considering the many controversies that have sparked the arena of Arena Pontanal, CONMEBOL would have proposed Cuiaba as an alternative. A question that Titus no longer wants to answer after being allowed by the Supreme Court: ” If I talk about the domain, I get permission, and if I talk about the organization of the competition, I get permission. So I will not say anything about these topics “On the ground, coach Ariverde wants to pursue a positive dynamic.” This is a series of good games, more than already qualified. It gives hope, players strive to improve their performance, and human relationships thrive. That is important When the deputy is his deputy, Glober Xavier warns of dangersEcuador : Colombia, which had made us face difficulties, was severely defeatedEcuador [référence à la défaite 6-1 des Cafeteros à Quito, la Colombie s’étant imposée en ouverture de la Copa América face à la Tri]. L ‘Even in the Ecuador playoffs in his fast bowling, his solid midfield caused us problems. It’s a group that aggressively presses .

A Ecuador Who plays for survival, who to do without கிட்டு Diaz, who has been hit by Covit-19, in which Gustavo Albaro is already angry: ” A Copa America does not qualify for the World Cup, but can bring good or bad experience by being eliminated in the quarterfinals, the final, the champion or not. I know this experience is rich “Albaro reiterated his support for the often-criticized players.” I was told that Ecuador is weak in terms of player character and I can tell you the opposite. These players, I believe in my heart that I like seventeen millionThe people of Ecuador live with these players going together, their pain when they don’t get the result they want despite the full commitment to this shirt. I am proud of them. Failure is not in football, there can only be frustrations. We fail when we betray our beliefs, and it becomes clear at any momentEcuador does not betray its beliefs, I analyze performance, not results “. Very interesting talk while playing a decisive match for the future திரி Who can still qualify in the event of failure, this time, on the same condition Venezuela Bow Peru.

A Venezuela, A permanent miracle, its executives can count on to return. A satisfaction to Jose Peciro: “ Marginalized players are executives. Our skeptics are concerned that they might be in the best conditions to play. Are they all? No, but everyone will give 100%. Returning players can bring other characteristics to play football, however I do not hate the way we have played so far “. It must be said that the names of demons give a new perspective Red wine : Jefferson Sodelto, Joseph Martinez, Michael Villanueva, Ramulo Otero, Jonter Cadiz, Roberto Rosales, Nahuel Ferrari and Jefferson Sourino. It is difficult to know whether one of them will be able to start the meeting under these conditions, with the last echo saying that Joseph Martinez is not ready yet. In recent hours, Fernando Aristeguetta has tested positive for COVID-19. A Red wine who ” Know the strength of Peru “Further” Anyone who knows the mental strength of the group will not be afraid “.The Venezuela Can qualify with a draw and then he will find itArgentina In the quarters, as in 2019, or if he gets a win, it will give him second place.

Side White-red, Success Colombia And the draw wonEcuador The quarters opened for selection at the end of a completely crazy second period. Above all, Ricardo Carreca confirms in his selections and the new cycle he begins: “We consistently tested players on what was done in the qualifying round. There are still players we want to look out for. ” Tiger, Announces some changes when it comes to this last match of the team stage. But at the same time, he warns his family. ” Can’t stay away from doing great work, I think we provided important answers to it during this Copa It also warns of danger Red wine : It is a choice that complicates anyone’s task, who has got the best results with good performances so far, it will be a tough game .

Possible lines (kicked in both matches at 11pm)

Brazil – Ecuador

Brazil : Alison; Renan Lodi, Markinhos, Order Milito, Danilo; Douglas Lewis, Babinho; Everton, Neymar, Lucas Pocket: Coffee

Ecuador : Point Pedro Artis; Angelo Priciado, Robert Arpoleda, Piero Hinkopic, Pervis Estubian; Jackson Montes, Moises Guiseto, Alan Franco; Gonzalo Plata, Ayrton Preciado; Angel Mena, Enner Valencia.

Venezuela – Peru

Venezuela : Vulgar Forces; Alexander Gonzalez (Roberto Rosales), Jose Manuel Velasquez, Adrian Martinez, Luis Mako, John Cumane; Jefferson Sourino, Jose Martinez, Jr. Moreno, Edson Castillo (Ramulo Otero); Sergio Cordova (Joseph Martinez)

Peru : Point Pedro Kallis; Zilmer Lora, Miguel Arazo, Alexander Callens, Miguel Draco; Yoshimer Jordan, Wilder Cartagena, Russell Garcia, Sergio Pena, Andre Guerrero; Santiago Ormano


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