First MLB player to be allowed “sticky gloves”

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Seattle Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago became the first baseball player to be banned Sunday under new Major League Baseball (MLP) rules relating to certain illegal materials used to make gloves sticky (“sticky”).

Santiago was sent off in the fifth inning of the Mariners game in the White Sox, Chicago, after his glove was checked, when the score was 1-1 (the game ended in a Mariners 3- win. 2).

This is the first time a player has been expelled from a game since the MLP issued new rules, and pitchers are designed to prevent the properties of baseball from changing.

As part of these measures, Santiago is now facing an automatic 10-match suspension for violating this rule.

The use of pitchers ’sticky materials has been under scrutiny since the start of the season as average beats and strike rates have risen.

MLP Commissioner Rob Manfred said new rules were needed to level the playing field after an investigation revealed widespread use of materials to change the characteristics of the ball.

The move has been criticized by players in the league, with some pitchers expressing their anger when officers check their gloves.

However, Commissioner Rob Manfred said last week that the new zero tolerance approach is welcome.

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