Faced with the spread of delta diversity, Australia “needs to reconsider its strategy”

Faced with the spread of delta diversity, Australia “needs to reconsider its strategy”

The island nation faces the spread of the delta variant of Covit-19 in several regions. The government is concerned about the health situation that has led to the announcement of compulsory vaccination measures and the restructuring of isolated jobs.

“Sunday, June 27 is an important day in Australia”, Report Sydney Morning Herald. Cases of the virus have been reported in four states across the country, and, on a daily basis, “This is the first time many regions have registered For months.

A two-week lockout was announced in the Sydney metropolis on Saturday, June 26, and parts of the northern region have been restricted to 48 hours, with Perth introducing new restrictions. Covid-19 cases have also been identified in Queensland.

Micro Isolations

Also, many states have closed their borders. According to Sydney Morning Herald, The decision was made after the transportation of a minority of people isolated in a hotel in Queensland, with travelers from abroad also in isolation. The miner has infected the hotel with the virus before sending it to colleagues at the mine where he works. “Situation raises questions about isolation in hotels, but Australia’s slowest vaccination program”, To observe daily.

In Defender, Jose Hyde, an epidemiologist at the University of Western Australia, recalled how far the country has managed to control the epidemic so far. But he believes Australia needs it now “Review its strategy”, This is because it is questioned by the spread of the delta variance.

A real race against time is going on. According to Hyde, more than 80% of people, including children and adolescents, need to be vaccinated “To protect against a new wave. At the moment, only 5% of the population is fully vaccinated.”

Mandatory vaccination

Mandatory vaccination for elderly health professionals was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday 28 June after an emergency meeting of his government. Indicated Australian. Individuals working in homes used for isolated jobs should also be tested and vaccinated, as well as those living under the same roof.

Also, to “Fight the spread of the highly contagious delta variant”, Isolation of persons returning from abroad should not take place near domestic terminals at airports.

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