Tesla was forced into a massive debugging in China

Tesla was forced into a massive debugging in China

In China, Tesla will recall more than 285,000 electric cars due to “risk of collision”. A process that results in a simple update of the manufacturer’s software.

In the eyes of Chinese authorities following a series of fatal accidents in recent months, Tesla has to recall tens of thousands of cars in China. More than 285,000 vehicles are involved in the operation, including 249,855 Model 3s made in China and 35,665 Models 3 imported from the Model Y and California plant in Fremont.

On its website, it states that the Chinese administration is linked to the operation of its driving assistance system. According to the investigation, it could have been accidentally activated by the driver, causing the risk of “sudden acceleration” and collision.

« We apologize to all owners for the inconvenience caused by this reminder. Tesla said in a post on the Weibo social network.

Since the problem is software, Tesla does not have to remember all the models involved in its branches. It can be downloaded remotely by the owners and should easily fix the update issue.

The announcement caused a stir in China, discrediting the already widely controversial auto pilot. This is not the first time Tesla has attracted attention. At the Shanghai Auto Show last April, an owner went to the automaker’s booth. Report failure of your vehicle’s braking system.

Still, Tesla is one of the most popular electric car brands in China. In May, the automaker sold 33,463 cars nationwide, up 29% from April.

At the Shanghai Motor Show in April, an owner did not hesitate to climb on the roof of the Model 3, denouncing the brand’s credibility issues.

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