Scotty Pippon reveals he is the only player who is afraid to defend

Scotty Pippon reveals he is the only player who is afraid to defend

Scotty Pippon is often seen as Michael Jordan’s luxury lieutenant, but above all he is an exceptional player. He facilitated the game in crime and was one of the NBA’s best defenders of his day. However, he was afraid in front of some enemies 1 Above all 1!

Scotty Pippon has been at the center of the storm lately, with opinions more confusing than each other. It started with a big challenge Kevin Torrent, He did not consider himself strong enough in the joint game to carry his nets up தில்லை n ° 7 need not answer With a deal directly to Sinstrap.

Then the Bulls legend continued The most dubious new report about Kyrie Irving And 2016 Cavaliers… Again, the reactions were plentiful. Fortunately, Scotty recovered and decided to calm things down with a less controversial statement. He gave the name of the only player he feared in the NBA.

Playing against shock is not fun. I’m not afraid of a lot of people in my career, but one of the players I feared was Shahul O’Neill, especially when I had to go and get a double grip on him. He had the speed, the power, the footprint… He was hard to defend as a team.

I think it’s worse to protect Shahul O’Neill’s help than to protect 1v1. On strikes with two people he will play his hands very hard to get points, and you can win. I think he is the most dominant in history. Michael Jordan is very unstoppable… but here we are talking squarely about preventing him from running. This was our only project.

Scotty Bippon not only talks about Shahul O’Neill’s rogue strength, he also emphasizes his speed on the pitch! The front half can be hit very badly on the ground, but also against attack and verticality. In Lieutenant Michael Jordan Not only fearing diesel races and blows at its premium!

Scotty Pippon can protect a lot of players, but not as dominant interior as Shahul O’Neill, which is very casual. At the time, everyone was scared of diesel!

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