Many new features never seen before

Another great volume news for Telegram, which introduces many new features never seen before

Telegram has a lot of news with the latest update (Photo: Getty)

A thunder a 2021 Telegraph, Which constantly grinds mind-boggling numbers. The setback at the beginning of the year he experienced Share It does nothing because of the updated policies, but brings more water to the plant of the “alternative” news site, which constantly rides To the sound of the message.

Yesterday, they were announced Addition Series Never seen before in this type of application. Users are already in seventh heaven and can’t wait to test what changes are designed for them By developers over the past few weeks.

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Telegraph, all the news is coming

WhatsApp Telegram update
All the details about it are here (via Getty Images)

Let’s start with the key additions coming soon Telegraph: Ability to do Group video calls and screen sharing. As it happens in various zoom or Google recovery, you can create rooms in video Up to 30 people. You can also screen partitions to watch projects, videos and even movies together.

Come back later Animated wallpapers and animations for news, For the first time on a news site. You can even create a temporary background, which may be later Shared with your friends.

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Among other innovations, there are a lot of new ones Icon application. If you are tired of the classic white paper plane on a blue background, you can choose one of the good types. Recent additions Animated emojis, sticker import, bot menu, login info reminder and function key.

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