In Ohio, Trump insists he wants to “save America.”

In Ohio, Trump insists he wants to "save America."

At a rally in Ohio in support of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump diverted attention.

Five months after leaving the White House, Donald Trump has yet to digest his defeat. On Saturday, the former US president traveled to Wellington, Ohio, for a rally organized by his political group in support of Max Miller, a former member of his administration and the state congressional candidate, against the exit Republican Anthony Gonzalez after the January 6 invasion of Capitol by some of his supporters. Millionaire by voting in favor of the accusation.

In public, Donald Trump reiterated his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud: “This is the crime of the century and the crime of the century.” “The 2020 presidential election was rigged. We won the election by a wave,” he reiterated, because his lawyers lost more than 60 legal proceedings, including the Supreme Court, because they could not provide evidence of fraud. Donald Trump has promised that the Republicans will lose control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections and are now tied to the Democrats in the Senate. It undermines the reforms it wanted to vote for by building multi-year negotiations.

Among the guests of the former president was Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia’s elected Republican Party, who was expelled from member groups because of her conspiracy positions (Govt., School shooting, 2020 election…), and one of the organization’s leading leaders who hopes Donald Trump will return to power this summer Executive Officer Mike Lindell.

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