Football. ASSE in an internship with other Lig 1 teams in Morocco this summer?

Football.  ASSE in an internship with other Lig 1 teams in Morocco this summer?

After Brittany last year, ASSE will be able to fly overseas for internships this summer. In fact, the Professional Football League should arrange a tour of Rabat, Morocco, to promote Ligu 1 outside France.

OM in the project

E.A., held in Washington (USA) two years ago. As with the Ligu 1 game, it remains to be seen whether the Greens’ Green Party will participate in the Claude storm.

As our colleagues from La Provence have revealed, OM is part of this “well-developed” plan, so it may be in Stephen’s plans to launch Ligu1, which is scheduled for August 7 and 8. Other settings are to be determined.

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Saint-Etienne has already formalized the first friendly match of the summer at Pui Food 43 (National 2), Saturday, July 10 (6.30pm) at the Robert-Herbin Sports Center in El Trot.

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