China releases new color images of Mars and study of its Tianwen-1 mission

China publica nuevas imágenes a color del aterrizaje y exploración en Marte de su misión Tianwen-1


27 June 2021 08:17 GMT

To date, the Jurong Rover has been working on the surface of the Red Planet for 42 Mars and has traveled a total of 236 meters.

China has the National Space Administration (CNSA) Published New color images of the Tianwen-1 mission and its rover Jurong’s visit to Mars this weekend.

Thus, on May 15, China’s first mission to explore the red planet, Landed Successfully utopia is a vast plain in the southern hemisphere, located in the northern hemisphere of Mars. Shows when one of the videos The lander parachute opens And begins a slow descent until it reaches the ground.

In another ‘clip’ Rover Jurong modifies one of his first missions to the surface of Mars.

The Chinese space agency said the spacecraft would orbit 27 Tianwen-1 338 days in orbit At a distance of 360 million kilometers from Earth, the Jurong Rover has been working on the surface of the planet for 42 Mars days and has traveled a total of 236 meters.

In addition, they noted that the equipment is in good working order and continues to do its job. As planned, the rover Jurang, named after the god of fire in ancient Chinese mythology, will explore the geological structure, environment, atmosphere and water of Mars for at least 90 days.

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