British secret documents were found at a bus stop

British secret documents were found at a bus stop

The BBC today revealed that secret documents from the British Ministry of Defense, which is investigating Russia’s reaction to the passage of a British destroyer from Crimea, were found at a bus stop in the UK this week.

The citizen, who found about 50 pages of important documents, including emails and PowerPoint presentations, in Kent, southeastern England, chose to contact the public broadcaster and remain anonymous.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said one of his officials had previously reported missing documents and that it was inappropriate to comment further.

The documents include details of the passage of the British-destroyed HMS Defender by sea from the Crimean peninsula, which raised tensions between London and Moscow this week.

The Russian navy says it fired warning shots after the British ship failed to respond to calls for withdrawal.

The UK denied that version, saying its ship was “making an innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters under international law” and that it had not heard any warning footage.

However, leaked documents show that London had already relied on Russia to respond aggressively to the intruder’s intrusion.

The move, known as “of Detroit,” was dealt with last Monday by senior security officials expecting a “welcome party” from Russian security forces.

One of the documents warns that “contacts with the RFN (Russian Navy) and VKS (Air Force) are more likely to occur frequently and become more stable as they move from defensive to operational activities.”

Documents found at the bus stop also point to military plans in Afghanistan, some of which the BBC has suspended to protect British personnel in the country.

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Among other issues, the documents analyze the possibility of maintaining a British military presence in Afghanistan after the completion of the US-led NATO mission.

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