Abhay Deol announces Disney’s first ‘spin’ movie to fans, shares trailer | People News

Abhay Deol announces Disney's first 'spin' movie to fans, shares trailer |  People News

New Delhi: Actor Abhay Deol on Saturday shared information about his first Disney movie “Spin” and released the trailer for the India-centric family comedy.

“I know most of my audience loves me for making alternative and difficult stories. That’s why this film is so special because it gets young audiences away from my own. ‘Spin’ is a Disney film, which will be screened on August 13 for American audiences on their stage. A little gem, it will make you smile and feel good.Glad to be a part of it! Abay wrote on Instagram with the trailer.

“Spin” was the first original Disney Channel movie starring an Indo-American. In this film, Avantika Vandanappu, an American actress of Indian descent, and Riya Kumar, an American-Indian teenager, discover her artistic side through the unique world of DJing. Abhay Deol plays Riya’s father Aravind Kumar.

“Spin” was directed by Manjari McKijani, daughter of late actor Mac Mohan and cousin of actress Raveena Tandon. The film co-stars Meera Sial, Arya Simhatri, Agam Darshi, Anna Goddard and Michael Lucy.

Apart from “Spin”, Abhay’s upcoming projects are a web series based on Ajay Devgan’s “Velly” production, “Jungle Cry”, “Junction” and “Trial by Fire: The Tragic Tale. Uphar Fire Tragedy”. , Authors Neelam and Sehgar Krishnamurthy.

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