“We fell from 15 platforms,” ​​said Christophe Lematre, coach, watching the Tokyo Olympics move.

"We fell from 15 platforms," ​​said Christophe Lematre, coach, watching the Tokyo Olympics move.

The Ix-less-Bains sprinter, Christoph Lematre, lost the French Athletics Championships due to lack of body shape. So he will not be able to achieve at least 200 meters at the Tokyo Olympics. Interview with Thierry Tribondo, one of his coaches.

At the end of a winter, his crew began to dream of “catching” more than 200 meters at the Tokyo Olympics. From October to April, sprinter Christoph Lematre trained for the first time in a long time without suffering a minor injury. Tests conducted by his team at the end of April showed that the Ix-Les-Bains athlete had returned to his position 3-4 years ago. “In April, we tested the work we did and confirmed its good shape.”, Trusts Theory Tribondo to train Lemotreau in conjunction with Sawyard Sprinter’s history coach Pierre Carros.

Alas, its sequel does not follow the script of an American movie, where the twisted stories of the heroes always end Delightful results. In early May, Christoph Lematre was vaccinated against Govit-19. “That same evening we had a big session. The next day he was in bed, so we reduced training, but at a meeting on May 13 in Savona, Italy, he was not identified.”, Continues Theory Trypondo.

“It will jump again”

Over the next few weeks, Christoph Lematre did not take shape again. He was forced to miss meetings that he believed could reach a minimum of more than 200 meters to the Tokyo Olympics. When he was most reluctant to take part in the French Athletics Championships (at the Anchors from June 25 to 27), a slippery slope that took him until June was the last chance he had to reach the minimums. In recent days, he has finally given up on starting Anzo Dorton.

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Christoph Lematre in training in September 2019. He had the London 2012 Olympic logo tattooed on his back.

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“We made a very difficult decision. You have to be prepared to be well over 200 meters. Christoph was at risk of physical and mental harm. , But he’s going to jump again. “, Theory Breathes Tripondi.

The bronze medalist at the Rio Olympics still has very little chance of flying to Japan. Christoph Lematre can be selected for the 4×100 meter relay with the French team. “We no longer have the cards. It depends on the results of the French Olympic Committee. He did not do less than 200 meters, so it’s complicated. It depends on what the selection committee wants.”, Concludes Theory Tribondo.

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