Three tickets to pick up in South America

Three tickets to pick up in South America

June 25, 2021

Park is ready to roll the ball over the sand of the Olympico de Rio de Janeiro. CONMEBOL’s ten caps will compete in the 2021 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in the hopes of snatching one of the three tickets available in the region in a qualifying qualifying match for Russia. It tells you everything you need to know about these South American qualifiers.

What, how, when?

  • From June 26 to July 4 in Barra de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Eligibility consists of two groups, the seeds are Brazil and Uruguay.

  • In each group, each team will face everyone else and then advance to the first two semifinals of each group.

  • The two finalists and the winner of the race for third place will advance to Russia 2021.

  • Group A: Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela.

  • Group B: Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia.


Brazil wants to defend their title

Brazil undoubtedly dominates the world of beach football in South America. La Vertemarella have won seven of the eight CONMEBOL Championships, their only misstep since Argentina won the title at home in 2013.

In 2021, the men of Gilberto Costa will try to repeat what they did two years ago: they will be crowned champions in Rio de Janeiro. To achieve this, they have an experienced team that is well acquainted with each other, and Mao, the five-time world champion, or Bruno Xavier and Tatinha stand alone.

Paraguay was in ambush

In South America, Paraguay has been the team that has given Brazil the most trouble, mostly in recent years. The Binary Reached three continental finals in a row between 2013 and 2017.

The Paraguayans will qualify with renewed determination after beating Trinidad and Tobago four times. Their goal is to qualify for Russia and, if they win, do better than at the last World Cup, where they did not cross the group stage at home.

To achieve this, many of the players who attended the World Cup two years ago will come to the tournament with lessons learned and greater maturity. This is the position of Point Pedro Moran and Captain Carlos Carpallo, who have already proven their worth in the international arena.

Uruguay continues to want to surprise

Paraguay 2019 Uruguay surprised more than one. Known in Group B, The Charruvas He qualified for the next round at the expense of Tahiti, one of the world’s beach football legends.

The team’s innovation is limited to the workforce, which, like the 2019 World Cup, is more than technical support, he was appointed coach of the German Barrilo at the end of 2020.

His work as a vice-world champion as a player in 2006 and third in 2007, making Uruguay a contender for the title, is an experience he has already lived close to as a player.

Argentina at the time of renewal

Argentina is one of the teams showing the most changes compared to previous matches. Albiceleste is going through a natural generational transformation, after taking over the leadership of the team at a very young age during past qualifications, the so-called conductor is Lucas Maduro.

The task is clear: to bring Argentina back to the World Cup after missing the previous two editions. Prior to that, Albiceleste competed in the FIFA World Cup eight times in a row.

To monitor

In the last qualifying match Peru was undoubtedly surprised and came very close to coming to the semifinals and took precious fifth place. So he will try to give everything to improve this record and end 17 consecutive years without participating in the World Cup.

Shortly afterwards, Colombia and Chile have been offering attractive football for some time, which could create teams that threaten more than one opponent. Both selections did not qualify for the World Cup. Their goal in Rio de Janeiro is to achieve a first qualification of historical significance for the World Summit.

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