Group video calling, screen sharing option and telegraph with new playback

Group video calling, screen sharing option and telegraph with new playback

The telegram was provided by its official blog Tap the camera icon to play the video and you’re able to turn multiple person’s voice chats into group video calls.

The application pointed out that these conversations now have a limit of 30 participants, but it is not “Voice chats increase quickly when broadcasting video games, live events and more”.

Mobile video calls are used on mobile devices, tablets and computers. On PCs they each have different possibilities to adjust the display, to the extent that they open in a separate window.

This is one Activities done by WhatsApp compared to Telegram, Is now officially in beta after several months.

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Another feature it showed was the option to share the screen while streaming from the camera, which can be selected from the menu of this service.

Telegram announced in its updates a presentation of animated wallpapers, a new menu for bots, animations for sending messages and new ways to import stickers.

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This instant messaging app shared the commitment of its new services from its Twitter account:

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