Company offers space flights on the “balloon”: the spacecraft has WiFi and drink menu | Technology

Company offers space flights on the "balloon": the spacecraft has WiFi and drink menu |  Technology

Presented by a North American company Space travel On a ship like a hot air balloon.

About Space view, The company that will start carrying out its commercial flights 2024, 230 seats already allocated year. Those interested can plan their trip from 2025 onwards.

The ship, so called Spacecraft NeptuneIt has a compressed capsule that has eight reclining seats for passengers and another for the pilot.

It will have 360-degree panoramic windows, a drinks bar, a place to store belongings, a WiFi connection with communication devices to allow live broadcasts, and sensors that indicate altitude, air and temperature throughout the aircraft.

For his part, The world of space It grows to the size of a football field and allows the capsule to fly upwards evenly.

The journey lasts six hours and must meet the minimum requirements required when boarding a passenger plane. The missions will begin at the Kennedy Space Center NASA.

The Spacecraft It will take two hours to climb until it reaches an altitude of 30 km. At that point, it would float in the atmosphere for two hours. Finally, they will return Land Two hours later land at sea, where a ship will retrieve the capsule, space balloon and explorers.

Technically it does not reach space Karman line, The boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and space is 100 km. Despite this, it would be enough to see the curve of the earth.

Of course, traveling into space will not be cheap, as you can imagine. There is value in tickets 5,000 125,000I.e. 91 million 600 thousand Chilean pesos.

Those interested can choose between a single seat or a capsule for eight people, with a refundable $ 1,000 (733 thousand pesos).

Space view It recently called its first test balloon Neptune One, which did not carry any crew. The mission was successful, so they hope to continue conducting test flights in the coming months.

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