Cannes Film Festival. OSS 117 and later …

Cannes Film Festival.  OSS 117 and later ...

– OSS 117 Red Alert in Black Africa © Christophe Brochet / Mandarin Production – Command – M6 Films – Scope Films –

By renaming the final name “Last Screening”, the festival wants to reconnect with the tradition of the final big project, just like the big evenings screened. ET extra-terrain By Steven Spielberg (in The Old Palace, 1982) or Thelma and Louise Written by Ridley Scott (new, 1991).

This year, the 74th Cannes Film Festival will conclude with a preview of a new episode of the adventures of Jean Dujardin’s Hubert Bonissour de la Bath, or OSS 117, and will feature on-screen Fado N’Daye, Pierre Nine, Natasha Lindinger and the late Vladimir Jordanoff. The first two films of the new series, OSS 117: Cairo, nest of spies (2006) and OSS 117: Rio no longer responds (2009) Directed by Michael Hasanavicius, signed by Nicola Pedos in this third part, always from a screenplay by Jean-Franசois Hall. The director also took part in the official examination for 2019 good time, With Daniel Autouil, Guilloma Connaught and Toria Dillier, hosting this year’s Mistress Festival.

  • Originally scheduled for release in France in February 2021, OSS 117, Red Alert in Black Africa Going to the big screen on Wednesday, August 4, 2021. The Cannes Film Festival opens on Tuesday, July 6 with a film by Leos Carax. Annette. The awards will be announced on Saturday, July 17 by a jury led by American filmmaker Spike

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