Amid the eruption of the Delta variant, even stadiums in London were vaccinated

Amid the eruption of the Delta variant, even stadiums in London were vaccinated

I wanted to keep it for a long time and it was exciting! This is important for young people, we move a lotOcean Danson, a 20-year-old French student, told AFP.

To attract as many people as possible among the youth, appointments are not required and there are no questions about the migration status of vaccine candidates. With icing on the cake, a short free tour of the stadium where the Euro-2020 football matches will also be televised.

The goal of local authorities in the Borough of Islington and the Public Health Service (NHS) is to administer approximately 10,000 levels in four days. It was proposed by the US-German alliance Pfizer / Bioendech.

Limited offer. 1 for 2 months without commitment

The country is facing a new upsurge of the virus, which was first diagnosed in India and highly contagious, after a sharp drop in pollution, hospitalization and deaths at the expense of a vaccination campaign carried out with long months of imprisonment and dosage this winter. The latter dominated the country, which was the most affected by the epidemic in Europe (128,000 deaths).

More than 15,000 positive cases were reported in 24 hours on Friday. But because vaccines are considered so effective in preventing forms of the disease, the government wants to give a dose to all adults and have two-thirds of them fully immunized by July 19.

It’s a 53-year-old Joseph Marino.Moral duty“He should be vaccinated, but he agrees that Pfizer has been waiting longer to receive the vaccine than the more widely distributed astrogeneca among his peers in the United Kingdom. He works with vulnerable people and plans to visit his family in Italy.

It is good to create an interim (vaccination centers) to reach a very diverse audience“, He sometimes believes that people believe”Fear“.

– “I was paranoid“-

Arsenal Stadium is not the first sports facility in the UK to take part in the joint vaccination effort, which has already given 83% of adults the first dose and two doses over 60%.

Twickenham (Rugby) Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club – Arsenal’s local rival – have been replaced with other mass vaccination centers such as museums, cathedrals and mosques.

Faced with new outbreak cases, which mainly affect young immunocompromised individuals, it is a question of reaching out to a general population that has not yet accessed or hesitated to be vaccinated, especially among minority species.

I work with people in business, have a lot of doubts, but I try to be rational. There are a lot of advantages and minimal risks“, Student Sofia Mohammed, 26 years old.

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Another student, Connor Reynolds, 26, overcame opposition from family and friends and his own fears. “I was paranoid, it was hard“, He agrees.”But it was a different situation, so I made up my mind: I could see my sister again“.



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