After a brief hiatus, immigrants reappeared on the border with Belarus

After a brief hiatus, immigrants reappeared on the border with Belarus

Saturday about 2 p.m. Night VSAD Officers from the Vilnius Border Guard Books border detainees detained 7 people crossing the border illegally from Belarus in the village of Smilkinicus in the Ignalina district. They had documents from Iraqi citizens.

The aliens were assigned to the Pusco Firewall. They sought refuge in Lithuania.

Prisoners will be tested COVID-19, And foreigners will be isolated until results are available. The circumstances of the incident are being clarified and an investigation is underway.

Earlier, immigrants who last tried to enter Belarus were detained at noon on Wednesday. This time in the Sarasai district near the border with Latvia, border guards caught 5 people without documents. They introduced themselves as Iraqi citizens and sought refuge in Lithuania.

A total of 515 illegal immigrants from Belarus attempted to enter Lithuania this year. That number is six times higher than it was throughout 2020. Last year, 81 such foreigners were detained. 2019 46 Illegal immigrants caught in 2018 by border guards; – 104.

Among those detained on the border with Belarus this year are the largest number of Iraqi citizens or foreigners who have introduced themselves – 336. Also 46 Iranians, 42 Syrians, 39 Belarusians, 17 Russians, 11 Turks, 10 Sri Lankans, 6 Tajiks, 3 Afghans, 2 Yemenis and Egyptians. And 1 Somali citizens or individuals presenting themselves.

With the recent sharp increase in the number of such incidents, SPGS has strengthened border security with Belarus. In addition to various organizational activities, border guards from other divisions ranked second to the area and additional technical resources were allocated. In addition, forces from the Public Security Service, the Riflemen’s Union, and other agencies came to the aid of the border guards.

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