10 consecutive strikeouts for Aaron Nola

10 consecutive strikeouts for Aaron Nola

The Philadelphia Phillies need a suitable Aaron Nola to play in the tough National East division. The club are in third place and are five games behind.

Nola responded today.

In fact, against the Mets (the top-ranked club in the division), he took the instructions seriously. He hit 10 in a row.

To be clear: we are talking about 10 hitters in a row, 10 strikeouts are not combined with wins.

So he spent the entire batting line-up.

So he built a 51-year-old record that no one else owns except Tom Sever.

It is paradoxical that this record is attached against the former team of the last year.

Nola seemed to be really inspired by Jacob de Chrome, who plays for today’s opponents. He decided to be like the best pitcher in the world, and he won against Taiwan Walker. Thus he presented the first point of the meeting.

Nola, who has the qualities to be the best pitcher on her team, shows today that she has everything she needs to play this role.

He is only looking for consistency.

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