Infectious, RPM opens online printing services for Zapotecan residents

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Jakarta – At the time Infectious goiter-19 This, the community should keep Health protocol Break the chain that spreads the virus. People should limit activities outside the home, avoid crowds, and keep distance.

According to Yarda Fedodia, one of the founders of the PD Ruma Ministry of Labor (RPM), with the development of current technology, all operations can be done from home or from home. Realism. In fact, his party also offers online printing services, everything from ordering to payment transactions are done online. Realism.

“PT RPM will always evolve following the dimensions of time and change in the world of digital printing, and we will always be part of the ever-growing creative printing world in Indonesia today,” Yarda said in a statement on Thursday, June 24. 2021. Read this too: The epidemic is still going on and MSMEs need to be stored together

Comment Online printing service He said it would be a solution for anyone who does not have time to come directly to the printer and wait in line. Online printing services are now an option because the process is easy and practical, especially when people have to stay home longer during an outbreak.

“PT RPM accepts every order and is supported by print delivery services throughout the entire Zapotec region. With the online system, consumers can save more energy and time because they can place orders via smartphones anywhere, anytime,” he said.

Print a document directly Realism At PT RPM, you only need to send the file via email and then pay via bank transfer. Printers can then be picked up in person or sent via courier service.

“A collection of printed portfolios of various large companies that have used the services of PT RPM can be found on PT RPM’s official website,” he said.

Digital printing is one of the most widely used printing methods in everyday life. Digital printing is a printing method in which data is first processed using a computer and then printed using a digital printing machine.

Digital printing can be used for a variety of purposes, so it is needed for all levels of society, from students, alumni to employees to companies. This is because digital printing is a printing method that is more practical and efficient than conventional printing techniques. Read this too: Despite the epidemic, hotel staff in Jakarta are eager to participate in the BNSP PSKK program.

“We reaffirm our efforts to produce high quality products at affordable prices with accurate color results and prompt service, and PT RPM always provides the best service to every consumer in need of digital printing services, be it companies or individuals, large or small,” Yard said.


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