France-Portugal with the official French circle in London

Des fans dans un bar les yeux rivés sur l'écran

We went to the heart of one of the headquarters of our community and we count Euro 2020, to feel the atmosphere that ruled there during the last group game of our blues.

The article was co-authored with Narban in Ma Nar.

July 10, 2016. Our world champions and all the blue, white and red people will never forget. Questionable: The bitterness of one of these defeats, which is so painful, that the Euro 2016 final was lost at home to Portugal, while the victory extended its hands to us. There are no simply forgotten calls.

A win is not the least

No suspense. The official circle of the French people in London was able to turn the event into a huge success. From the organization to the staff The piano works, Everyone involved is incredibly friendly and smiley. Trust dear readers, despite the reluctance on our part (you will soon understand), we were able to check it out!

Once opened Two very talented journalists go wrong with the link The piano works De Frington, instead of Piccadilly, awaited them with open arms. How lucky we were to be able to meet such a compromise manager, who was able to take care of us despite everything. Whatever you want, more success kills success! Should we be there between the first and this second headquarters, which was added late by the official French circle to meet all requests!

The staff was very accommodating in showing all the enthusiasm needed to elevate the blue mood. However, to their credit, we did not reduce the health restrictions, otherwise none of these events could see daylight. Everyone who came to support our beloved French team had to wear a mask when entering the room, but their temperature was also taken at the bar entrance.

Frenetic and overt situation

The situation was. Between the flags and the triangular stickers, the number of TV screens and giant projectors could not miss anything in the crowd. As usual, in addition to the first round beers served at each VIP table, the menu offered a very French special. A good assortment of different cheeses and cold meats, of course, would be with the essential baguette. Something that makes you salivate with pleasure!

After qualifying our blues, the soft music begins to echo in the bar, to the sounds Champs Elysees, Pop out toy, And other French songs unite in this moment of unconditional French unity. After singing Marseilles, As well as wind Seven National Army At the top of my lungs, it goes without saying.

How to resist the nostalgic invitation of such a meeting and how not to give an evening thanks to the office of Le Sergil des Franாங்கois in London for coming to this house. We already yearn for what our Blues ’next clash against Switzerland will do for us in the 16th round.

We meet in three days, one place, one time, one atmosphere. See you on July 11th. On the top step of the stage. (Horrible when you have us).

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