For a year, Paris has been adorned with the colors of Australia

For a year, Paris has been adorned with the colors of Australia

Since this summer, one year, museums, galleries and theaters across Paris and France have been coming to Australia with Australian time. Be, it’s going to beat. Choose the same Exhibition of Photographer Wee Spears Entitled Phoenix XII (4th) in gallery. The warrior presents her dream-like vision of women in a green setting. Compare with large design portraits Petrina Hicks From Expo Gothic white At the Australian Embassy (15th). These hyperlinked photos subtly turn the promo codes, making you think about the image of women in the West, between the inaccessible deity and still life.


Nature is alive Paris Fish, Which offers an exhibition of extensive photos and videos Large coral barrier. At 2300 km long, it is the largest living organism in the world! Look back, the colorful Australian fish watching you from their fishery!

The Qi Branch Museum – Jack Chirac (7th) Stay tuned for the marine theme Welcome Kusari Exhibition, Unique collection of Yolu native paintings inhabiting Milingimbi Island (north of the island-mainland). A subtle mix of bar and poetry surrounding the water, the ocean that makes you think of progress and the place of human beings in nature.

Mad Max
Product DP Kennedy Miller Product. / DRMAD Max: Le Defi

We scream tires with sinless backsliding on the bizarre highway Osploitation In French Cinematech (12th) It covers the pop diversity of Australian genre cinema in seventeen films (most of which have never been seen here). Come to the superstar Mad MaxStick to weird horror movies like, Next to Kin Tony Williams (1982), Sticky Thrillers Goodbye heaven Presented by Carl Schultz (1981) or Psychedelic Music (Oz Presented by Chris Levfan). What good is putting your head upside down with artists of antibodies.

The full program is here.

Petrina Hicks: White Gothic
Embassy of Australia
25.06.21 – 30.09.21

We Pierce: Phoenix – Rise from the Ashes
Gallery XII
28.05.21 – 17.07.21

Query. Water lands in Northern Australia
Qi Branch Museum – Jack Chirac
22.06.21 – 26.09.21

Australia: A Journey to the Hearts of the Reefs
Paris Fish
28.06.21 – 29.08.21

French Cinematech, Paris
05.07.21 – 25.07.21

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