Edwin Diaz has a good season

Edwin Diaz has a good season

The first season of Edwin Diaz for the Mets was terrible. The jug that broke everything in Seattle and landed in the Big Apple, actually lowered expectations and became unloving.

In the eyes of many, his destiny was sealed. He was exaggerated in Seattle. He only had a good season. Any apology was fine.

Then, in 2020, he’s not naughty, on the contrary. He recovered himself in the short 60 game season.

But in fact in 2021 he once again established himself as one of the best relievers of a major league baseball.

In 30 trips, he beat 40 men. His average of 2.73 shows that he did not score as easily as he did when he started in the Nationals.

But above all, he has 16 saves, which is still a good indicator of his ability to throw under pressure. Only five pitchers are performing better than him this season.

He is one of the reasons for the success of the Mets. After all, the guys at the Mets are getting hurt so easily this year, and Luis Rojas should be absolutely delighted to learn that this guy is loyal to him late in the game.

If he can continue this pace, he will wash his name and help his people. Two in one.

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