Due to the hurricane: The second block in Demalin was closed

Due to the hurricane: The second block in Demalin was closed

The reason given is storm damage to the high voltage line. Upper Austrian Greens warn of a similar incident at the Dugovani nuclear plant.

The second batch of Demelin nuclear power plant was closed after a devastating storm and a hurricane that caused extensive damage in the Czech Republic. The operation took place after damage to the exhaust high voltage line. This was announced by Upper Austrian Environment Councilor Stephen Kinder (Greens) in a press release on Friday. He warned of a similar incident at the Dugovani nuclear power plant.

The circumstances for Demil’s emergency shutdown were not clear to Kinetor, and he asked the operator and supervisor for a “detailed explanation of the incident.” The outgoing 400 kV line between the power station and the coaxial switch gear. The second volume on Demilin then closed automatically.

“Reason for strike not explained”

In such cases, the affected block usually goes to the “self-sufficiency benefit” regime, explained Talibor Straski, the High Commissioner for Anti-Nuclear Energy. It does not turn off automatically. “This does not explain the reason for the strike mentioned by the Oversight Commission,” he said. This is because the aforementioned high voltage line is not intended to provide a nuclear power plant in an emergency.

According to the report, it will take several days to repair the high voltage line near Demalin, and more than 10,000 homes will be without electricity. The nuclear power plant operator CEZ decided not to start the second unit anymore and to present the unit planned shutdown to replace the fuel components within a week. The preventive strike should last more than two months.

Kineter said the tsunami in Japan led to a severe nuclear disaster in Fukushima, bringing with it external threats such as thunderstorms, storms and rising sea levels. According to him, the greater danger of nuclear power is clear again. “There are still pictures of Fukushima. I don’t want to imagine what damage could be caused by a hurricane blowing into the old Dukovani nuclear reactor.”

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