The black hole caused a huge storm in space

The black hole caused a huge storm in space

One storm after another is rolling across Chechnya. However, these atmospheric phenomena are a small matter compared to galaxies.

This happened 13.1 billion years ago, in the galaxy J1243 + 0100 after the Big Bang: a miraculous black hole was drilled in the heart of the galaxy. Following a storm, a powerful wind that blew through the galaxy at a speed of 500 kilometers per second wiped out the material needed for the new stars.

When the giant spits …

The largest storm was discovered by astrologers led by Takumi Izumi of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan in search of the oldest cosmic wind. The purpose of the research used by the experts at Chile’s Alma Laboratory is to learn more about how ancient black holes formed and how galaxies formed.

The researchers, in their observations, describe them in the journal Journal of Astronomy, Determined the mass of the central part of the galaxy – which corresponds to thirty billion of our suns. The mass of the miracle black hole is about one percent of this value.

Researchers also found that during this early period of the universe, a few hundred million years after its formation, the black hole at the center of the galaxy corresponded to one tenth of the mass around it. This ratio is equal to the current galaxy.

Takuma Izumi made a logical conclusion from this: “Our observations are supported by the latest high-precision computer simulations, which predict that there were close relationships between galaxies and miraculous black holes thirteen billion years ago.”

… it was after the storm

The post-Big Bang era was the era of the biggest storms in space. In many parts of it, intense gases of air containing interleaved gas erupted. Their cause is something that falls into the black holes, or, conversely, is expelled from the environment of fast-growing black holes.

However, it is during this turbulent period that we are indebted to the present peaceful cosmic era.

This study did not reveal the exact cause of the storm in the galaxy J1243 + 0100. However, his findings could help other teams model the early universe in simulations, which would tell us more about why the universe came together as we know it.


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