St. Bangras Old Church, a sanctuary of peace near King’s Cross

Even in today’s environment, living in London can sometimes be overwhelming because the British capital is so large and connected to life. If you are constantly looking for unusual places where your mind can breathe, the park of the old Saint-Pangres church is waiting for you!

Located not far from King’s Cross this timeless site is full of all kinds of events and monuments. Far from its infinite size, the church itself has a certain charm inside and out, and is appreciated by all, regardless of your beliefs. The difference in the relentless operation of the Kings Cross is astonishing.

A story that is not like the others

The church is considered one of the oldest Christian places of worship in England. It is said to date back to the 4th century AD, so even though the current building was only built between the 11th and 12th centuries, it would have welcomed the faithful for 1700 years. It has undergone many restorations over the years.

However, even though it is the main building of the site, it is not the only gem. The church certainly has a tomb, which is actually the “park” around the site where we woke up above, but nothing dark. This is because most of the tombs in the area are home to the remains of some of London’s landmarks.

Among these different burials, there is one thing to look at in its history and its architecture. This is Sona’s tomb, the shape of which you may be familiar with. Isn’t it like that? Don’t worry, you’ll get an answer soon.

Sona's Tomb
Sona’s famous tomb. Photo: Norban in Ma Nar

First, you need to know that this monument also hides a tragic past. In 1815, the architect Sir John Sone lost his wife Eliza, and in 1816 decided to build this tomb in his memory. Sone family.

Did this lively story give you time to think about the shape of the center of Sona’s tomb? You should know that this inspired another architect, a certain Giles Gilbert Scott, who was walking in the park, and no one else … at the famous red phone booths, We were talking to you about this Monday.

This strange site is no longer seen passing only immovable monuments, as in 1968 The Beatles They themselves gave him a short visit. In the middle of a London tour, they search for quiet places to take pictures for their album, including four legends including fascist Paul McCartney. He celebrated his 79th birthday, Stopped in front of the church and ruined the moment.

They are not the only ones using the park’s trails. In fact, great British personalities such as Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens or William Blake once walked the paths around the park. If you want to take the problem, the paths you can take next.

Quiet walk with things learned

If there are still noises coming from the city, it is easy to ignore it by wandering around the church. This place is a great place for anyone who relaxes and enjoys swallowing a book in the shade of a tree, while allowing their face to cover their face by filtering through the morning greenery.

The church is open every day and you can enter it to enjoy the real moment of devotion at this time. You do not have to be a Christian to appreciate its intimate structure and the spirituality it offers.

Once on the first tour of the site, you may have a new look at the monuments of history you now know, which at first seemed strange. Famous ” Hardy tree ”Is the perfect example.

Graves at the base of the Hardy tree
Very singular Hardy tree. Photo: Norban in Ma Nar

If you had been there, you would not have escaped, this tomb is arranged in a circle around an ash tree. At first glance there was a gloomy, undeniable. Its existence was due to the construction of a railway that had to pass through the church cemetery in the 19th century, tearing 10,000 bodies from their eternal sleep and removing them completely from the cemetery grounds.

As for the tombs, it was remodeled by architect Thomas Hardy around the famous ash tree, giving its name to this intriguing complex of tombstones that can be thought of as Halloween decor.

In this very unique event, we are obliged to show you some persuasions that you should take the time to notice Old Church of St. Bangras (Very attractive name, innit ?). We have not provided you with all the monuments there, and you are not spared from making a beautiful discovery, this time you have to tell us your purpose.

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