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La maquette de l'Eurodrone était la mascotte du Salon aérospatial de Berlin en avril 2018. Trois ans plus tard, les contrats ne sont toujours pas passés.

European cooperation in weapons is spectacular. Even a project like Eurotron to deliver a drone of medium height and long tolerance (male) to Germany, France, Italy and Spain has failed to work. Although an envelope of 500 million euros has been earmarked for Brussels for this military project in the New European Defense Fund. Even if states are forced to buy American or Israeli to equip themselves. This is despite the fact that a military operation would not be possible without such intelligence equipment.

However, the eurotron, valued at 7 7.1 billion for the four countries, has not yet been taken! Nevertheless, last April it received the green light from Germany’s Bundestack: an envelope of 3. 3.1 billion has been set aside for this new equipment, with Airbus Defense and Space chief Leonardo and Dassault leading the file ahead.

The unions write to ministers

Negotiations seemed to have closed, but a new feud had crystallized around the drone’s engine. The European project, which calls for a 100% European machine, in a letter to the Ministers of Defense and Economy, Florence Barley and Bruno Le Meire, explained to the Saffron and Airbus unions that Safron H and Artidan 3D safron HE and ZF Luftfafe were defending the momentum system. However, it seems that this engine is more expensive than the catalyst supplied by the Italian company Avio Aero, which was developed by General Electric and the Italian company is a subsidiary of the American manufacturer.

If the Eurotron avio aero solution is chosen, as Italy wishes, it is subject to the extraterrestrial rules of the United States and no longer responds to the desire for strategic autonomy. The unions point out that U.S. foreign policy on restricting exports of munitions or dual-use items may prevent citizens of some countries from accessing U.S. technologies used in turboprop engines or aircraft reducers.

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“Allow us to bring to your attention that the technologies implemented in the Artidon 3D propulsion system from Saffron HE and ZF Luftforttechnic have been developed through European research projects,” they insist. Their proposal is one that “guarantees our complete and complete independence from development, supply, use, maintenance, exports, and, consequently, the long-term sovereignty of our two countries.” The case should be continued …

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