Russell Grove wants to set up movie studios in Australia

“Australia” will be built on a former tourist complex near Brisbane.

Is this shooting Thor 4, Was pushed to the point where he could get there by bike next to his house Russell Grove To take the fall? By announcing ABC News His passion for creating film studios in Australia, the actor Gladiator details: “For years, I’ve been thinking about how to connect my living space and my work.” Wants to create a star “Osiwood” At the site of the former tourist complex, in the port of Coffs, south of Brisbane. The work, which is scheduled for a few months, is expected to last a year and cost about $ 450 million.

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Therefore, a large-scale project, in recent years, there have been more shootings in Australia, and the actor publicly supports by recalling what he wants “Welcome more and more international shoots and local produce.” The country has actually implemented tax cuts to make it more attractive to Hollywood studios. Disney has filmed many great productions like the last one there Caribbean island pirates Or more Marvel (Thor Ragnarok, Love and Thunder And Shank-C and The Legend of the Ten Rings), Warner Bros. staged the match Son of the Ocean Or Godzilla Vs Cong. The phenomenon has intensified with the Govt crisis. While Hollywood was running slow due to the virus, Australia and New Zealand were among the new countries dealing with the epidemic, and were able to plan new large-scale shoots. So, Liam Neeson filmed his last action movies, Thirteen lives And Black light, There, like Julia Roberts and George Clooney who are currently filming there Tickets to heaven. George Miller, originally from the country, wants to stage his spin Mad Max Dedication Anger In early 2022.

Russell Crowe’s studio project was not officially approved by the Australian government before it went into construction.

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