Blake Snell missed Florida

Blake Snell missed Florida

In theory, the deal that took Blake Snell from race to Patrice had it all. Why?

Because he can play as many innings as he wants. Because Seattle Native Americans were heading west. Because he landed in a city in California where the weather is good 300 days a year. Because Patress is high Cold The main baseball.

But despite all that, the former Sai Young winner did not experience a smooth transition. The jug did not deliver items this season and he did not dance to the pinnacle of his immense talent.

This may be a little because the heart is not fully followed.

Yes, Snell is excited to start in San Diego. There is no doubt about this.

However, he misses Florida. I’m not just talking about the race, but his life at Tampa Bay. A life he loved and was comfortable with.

Snell knows Putin. By signing with the Rays for a long time, he knew the chances of playing elsewhere at the end of his contract were good.

On the other hand, three years after the end of his contract, he did not believe he was going to trade.

Because despite rumors of a divorce after the infamous World Series Game # 6, Snell still loved the rays. The pitch coach was like a father to him. The team won. His teammates are his friends. He loved the city of Tampa Bay.

So getting out is not easy. He left for a lifetime, and it took longer than he wanted to recover. This explains why he was in mourning, despite all the positive aspects of the transaction in San Diego.

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