Before the start of the series, Giannis sends a big message to Trey Young!

NBA Les mots forts de Giannis pour Ice Trae

Opposing Hawks and Bucks in the last four games of the playoffs are ready to engage in a ruthless battle. However, this does not mean that there is no respect between the two owners. Giannis Antodocounbo issued a strong statement against Trey Young.

This is a conflict that we do not necessarily expect at this point. Still, in reality Milwaukee and Atlanta will face each other in the final of the conference in the East. The Bucks were able to get away from the Nets Super Team, while the Hawks made a surprise start in seven games against Philadelphia. What a complete update on the predictions for the champion!

At the dawn of Game 1 of the series, the two teams are still scaling each other. Asked about his enemies, Giannis Antetoga ounpo Especially focused on the Georgian star Trey Young. The Greek freak was particularly interested in:

Giannis at Trey Young: “He’s an incredible player. What he can do for his height… it is amazing. What he did in the space of 3 years is incredible. He must continue to progress, keep believing in himself, and the sky is the limit for him. “

Twice the biggest compliment from regular season MVP. With his slim size, it is true that IP Tray does not have the best mindset to act this way in the NBA. It shows that the boy is very hardworking and is recognized as one of the biggest snipers in the area and can shoot 25-10 every night.

That being said, Giannis would definitely like to cool the Hawks leader’s enthusiasm. The invasions of the Young will be firmly awaited in fraud by the Greeks, and one can take part in the sacred battles. After all, this is a place for the finals … not the time for friendship.

Reasonable play with this compliment to the highly competitive, Giannis Antedocoun ounbo Tre Young. One thing is for sure, we are impatiently waiting for the start of this conference finals in the East.

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