“Washington has false expectations about the conversation and will face great disappointment.”

"Washington has false expectations about the conversation and will face great disappointment."


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister saw the window on Tuesday 06/22, saying that Washington had “false” aspirations regarding the conversation with Pyongyang and that it would face “great disappointment”.

Kim Yo-jong’s comments came after US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan described his brother’s initial reaction to Washington’s recent reconsideration of its approach to North Korea as “an interesting sign”.

The US administration, led by Joe Biden, promised a pragmatic and measured approach based on diplomatic efforts to persuade Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. Last week, the North Korean leader responded by saying that Pyongyang should be prepared for both dialogue and confrontation at the same time.

Washington found his comments interesting, while Sullivan told the ABC that the US administration was “waiting to see if it would have any direct contact with us about the way forward.” But Kim Yo-jong, who is an important adviser to his brother, seemed to reduce the chances of any talks resuming.

A report by the official North Korean news agency said the United States appeared to be trying to “calm itself down.” He added that Americans have “false” aspirations that will “overwhelm them with great disappointment.”

His comments coincide with a five-day visit by senior US diplomat in charge of North Korea Sang Kim to Seoul, where Washington on Monday said it was ready to meet with Pyongyang leaders “anywhere, anytime”.

A few hours before the release of Kim Jong Un’s statement, the US ambassador met with the South Korean Minister of Coordination, while emphasizing Washington’s readiness to address the North. North Korea has acknowledged that it is facing a food crisis over the weekend, raising concerns about the country being hit by the agricultural sector.

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North Korea has isolated itself to a large extent since the outbreak of the epidemic, which led to a recession in trade with Beijing, which is vital to its neighboring economy, while imposing strict restrictions on all international relief operations. .

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