NFL | Restrictions on fully vaccinated players were reduced

NFL |  Restrictions on fully vaccinated players were reduced

The National Football League is back to normal – for vaccinated players.

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Associated Press

The NFL and the Players’ Association have revised COVID-19 protocols to fully facilitate controls for vaccinated players and to encourage vaccination.

Unannounced players should be regularly tested on a daily basis, wearing a mask and observing physical distance. They will not be allowed to have lunch with their teammates, will not participate in media and marketing activities while traveling, will not be allowed to use the sauna or steam room, or will be allowed to leave the room. Do not interact with the group hotel or related persons while traveling to the club.

The Associated Press received a copy of the note sent to the teams on Wednesday stating that vaccinated players would not be subject to these restrictions.

In addition, access to the press gallery, pitch, margins, locker room and post-match press conference room will be provided only to fully vaccinated journalists.

Many players have expressed concern about getting vaccinated. Updating protocols is an additional incentive to encourage vaccination.

Players who violate the protocol can be fined up to $ 50,000.

“I won’t get vaccinated until I get more information and stuff like this, but I’m totally not a fan,” Montez Sweat, the team’s defensive end, said last week. Washington team.

Clubs have invited experts to discuss vaccination with players and staff.

“They continue to educate us, provide us with resources, and then give us the option to make that informed decision on an individual level depending on where we are,” said Adam Theelan, a winger with Minnesota. Viking.

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert studied biology at the University of Oregon and was asked if other players had talked to him about the vaccine.

“I haven’t talked to a lot of people about this,” he admitted. “I have a small team of players who have been vaccinated and I have been vaccinated. I have found that it’s available to do all of this, and it will help me in the long run.

“I think it’s good for everyone, but it’s up to each person (to determine). So it’s their opinion. Regardless, I think it’s a difficult situation, but no one asks me a lot of questions.”

Dave Campbell, Stephen Wino and the Associated Press Joe Reedy contributed to this article.

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