London: The most beautiful and exclusive gardens in the British capital!

London: The most beautiful and exclusive gardens in the British capital!


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Q Botanical Garden, London, England. | Source: Getty Images

From the first days of good weather, London’s parks, including Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Green Park, are crowded. These parks and gardens, which are completely open to the public, are one of the great pleasures of the British capital. However, London also has a number of private estates, for which access is charged.

No garden is more personal than an attached garden Buckingham Palace, Between The Mall and Hyde Park Corner. A true ecosystem in every sense of the word, this private garden is at the center of the British monarchy. It is the largest private garden in London. Previously, the garden’s guided tours were only for extreme trips. This year, visitors will be able to walk around the 16-hectare landscape of the garden and bring their tourism.

Some of Britain’s most famous gardeners, including Talent Brown, William Downsent Alton and John Nash, played a key role in its creation. The oldest tree is a mulberry planted by Jax I.There is In 1608. During the reign of George III, the royal family set up a zoo in the gardens, with zebras. The garden now houses a national collection of more than 40 species, 80 different species of oaks and more than 300 different species of wildflowers.

There are more than 5,000 species of plants in the Chelsea Physics Garden. | Source: Chelsea Physics Garden

Even with a lake and tennis courts, there is still room for a hernia border and a 156-meter rose garden. Tickets for the start of this summer are already available, however they are in short supply during peak seasons. However, Evan Evans Tours Tickets will be resold and in partnership with nearby Rubens at the Palace Hotel will serve visitors a traditional lunch of traditional sandwiches, scones and royal-themed pastries.

West of London (accessible by pipe or train), The Royal Botanical Garden, Q. Spread over 200 hectares with many greenhouses. The music festival scheduled for this summer has been postponed to 2022, but the exhibition The secret life of plants It will allow visitors to immerse themselves in a series of “green landscapes” created by landscape artist Von Bell.

Covering an area of ​​1.6 hectares, the Chelsea Physics Garden It may be small, but it is happily quiet. Founded in 1673, it is the oldest botanical garden in London and is still an oasis of peace. Open every day except Saturdays, it has over 5,000 plants, all of which are edible, including grapes.

Belmont Catogan Katogan Place has exclusive access to gardens. | Source: Belmont Katogan

Some London hotels have access to communal gardens, despite the name, which can usually only be used by those with keys. This is it Belmont Katogan, Chelsea, Cotagon Place Garden has access to lawns and tennis courts. Originally established in 1886, the gardens include mulberry trees, black bamboo, maples, magnolias and palm trees. The hotel offers its guests blankets, deck chairs and board games to make the most of this incredible space.

Hotel The Goring Goes further with its own private garden. A stone throw from Buckingham Palace, this wall garden set with flowers is reserved for hotel guests and bar and restaurant guests. At tea time, this small private garden will become a cozy joint in the center of London.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Sarah Turner

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