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In the instant messaging app that can send texts, photos, videos, documents and even anything, how to send anything? This is a trick that millions of users are finding and spreading in different parts of the world. This time we are going to teach you to send “invisible message” using only WhatsApp.

If you think that this trick is based on opening a chat or conversation from a mobile or computer, pressing the space bar multiple times and pressing the send button is incorrect, You need at least one letter, number or symbol to send a message.

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Another wrong way to send a message that does not contain anything is to open a Word document and rewrite the blank spaces, however here you can copy these spaces, but when pasting them WhatsApp Web Absolutely nothing happens.

A method that works by opening the page , There we will press the “Copy” button to copy the “invisible message”, which is going to stick in any of our conversations. Share Finally send it. This is a very simple method, but many times it takes several minutes to load the aforementioned website, never loading, error message will appear.

Error Message (Photo: Mac)
Error Message (Photo: Mac)

As we said earlier, using WhatsApp can only send “invisible messages” without the need to install additional applications from Android’s Google Play or iOS’s App Store (iPhone). Copy the following code between the arrows>

If you can’t do that, keep in mind that you can enter the Unicode page to copy the link to the U + 2205 code, which will allow you to access the blank space.

Do you have any problem? Share? Do you want to report it? If you have any problems, you should write to their contact email: [email protected] Oh [email protected]. You can make a similar request from your iPhone.

Now, if you want to make a general query, you can use this to fill out the form . In addition to your region code, you must place your phone number there and then write your message after identifying yourself.

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